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CATEGORIES: Science & Technology

DATE: January 2015

CLIENT: Applied Medical Resources

LOCATION: Lake Forest, California

DESCRIPTION: This is a multi-building project for Applied Medical Resources, a new generation medical device company, that includes a tenant improvement of an 89,000 SF, 2-story clean manufacturing building, a 38,000 SF 2-story mold maintenance building, and a new 13,000 SF overhead building spanning the two buildings.

The clean manufacturing building includes three injection molding rooms totaling 26,000 SF with 23′ high ceilings and skylights. It also includes office space that surrounds the injection molding rooms, a warehouse space, and an expansive lobby.

The mold maintenance building includes a 12,500 SF machine shop, heavy duty storage racks space, and office space.

The overhead building is a steel frame building featuring an arched design, cladded with aluminum. It houses an enclosed pedestrian walkway,  cogeneration equipment, and central mechanical plant. LED lighting was used to accent the structure.